• Today’s custom cloak!  Lando is totally the man…and this custom cloak really bring him to life!

  • This is the double-sided Dark Blue/Light Blue reversible cloak!  

    It’s been dressed up a bit with our Premium Frog Clasp (#6).

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    Soooo! I met John Flanagan. Took pictures. Asked questions. Still in a shocked state, BUT I have spoilers. 


    1. There will be 2 more prequel books after The Tournament of Gorlan. The last book will go up to the events before Halt meets Daniel

    2. There will be a separate book on Maddie being a ranger. Its a story about her parents being in danger, and Maddie having to go under a secret identity. SUPER exciting

    3. We will get to see Duncan’s wife and find out what happens to her. 0.0


    The new story will be about Hal and the crew getting stuck in a terrible storm, and being cast far, far way to the west (basically America) and meeting American Indians. The book might be called “Ghostface” or something or other.

    THE MOVIE!!!

    So John is meeting up with the producers and writers and directors of the film again and is going to talk about the movie and its making. He basically is saying that he knows that its in the works (so maybe filming?) but he has no idea who was cast into it. But what he said is “We are just about there”

    Well done!  A Ranger’s Apprentice movie would be amazing!

  • At least my coffee won’t get cold in Hell.

    Literally written on the stall of a bathroom in the lecture hall I have Latin in (via lawful-evil-novelist)
  • Great cloak!  Love it!

  • meexart:

    Finally finished the set! This took a crazy long time to complete, but I’m happy with the result

    Love it!  Amazing summary of each book. for your custom Hobbit cloak!  (Choose your own color/fabric/clasp/trim!)