• Arkham City Robin Cape Review

    Check out this great review of the Arkham City Robin Cape! At Cloak Closet, we read all reviews and look forward to your feedback. "Great turnaround service! The cape was crafted beautifully and my son was very pleased with the order."
  • OMG! It's a Hobbit Cloak!

    This review for our newest cloak is fantastic! With a heavier fabric that looks like it came right off of Frodo's cloak hook in Bag End. Here is the review: "omg I look so cool in this!!"
  • Our Second Cloak

    This wonderful review from a second-time shopper shows how much we all want to be in Ranger's Apprentice! Thank you for the orders, and looking forward to more Rangers in the future! Here is the review: "This is our second cloak. Last year my son wanted to be Will Treaty for Halloween. Now his sister has read the books and wants her own costume. This cloak is perfect. Thank you for the super fast shipping."
  • Cloak Closet is a deal!

    Thank you for this great review! We LOVE the look of the embroidery, and combining the different styles and colors makes for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Here is the full review: "Cloak is great quality and a good deal. Love the embroidered hem. Fast shipping and super easy. Highly recommended!"
  • They must be jealous.

    Totally agree. A good cloak makes everyone jealous! "Awesome quality, I wear it all the time, people think I am a bit mental but sure, they must be jealous ;)"