Making characters come to life!

The Cloak Closet started with a group of kids at summer camp. They were there for a Ranger's Apprentice themed week - six days full of sneaking through the woods, horseback riding, archery training and themed games.

As the camp was preparing, the directors bought numerous capes and cloaks, looking for something with the durability and style they needed. Everything they found was flimsy, thin and poorly made. I designed and created a cloak for them that has the durability to make it through a tough week on an apprentice Ranger running through the woods and was still in great shape to take home for many more days of playing.

Since that first week of camp in 2011, I've sewn hundreds more cloaks for kids and adults who want to bring their imaginations to life. I constantly look to improve my design and quality, including the stitching (which is professionally serged) and custom options (embroidered trims and clasps).

If you have a vision for a cloak, I would love to work with you. Send me your thoughts for a custom creation, and together we can select the fabric, cut, and colors to bring your character to life.

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